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I finally got around to season 3 of BBC Sherlock.

And I remember how much I love it, even with its flaws.

So… sorry—I’m going to be posting a lot again. Also canon Sherlock Holmes because my constant state of being is ‘crying about fiction (itself, as a concept)’ but included in that is ‘crying about Sherlock and Watson in all adaptations’.

You’ve been warned. Lucky for you, I tag the daylights out of everything.

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flabbadence asked: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, them send it to ten of your favorite followers.

You know… I’ve seen these before and always thought “yeah, I can come up with five things I like about myself!”

And now I’ve gotten one. And I wondered “gosh is there anything I like about myself?” The first things that come to mind are always negative… and that, I suppose, is why we need this exercise. So—

  1. I like the way I write.
  2. I like the way I learn and think.
  3. I like my eyes.
  4. I like my hands.
  5. I like my frustrating capacity for emotion.

And now I’ll be sending this off to several people.

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A Song, A Chant, Insufferable Nonsense [Dragon Age]


Yet another mage!Inquisitor/Cullen piece to follow those previous!

the first

the second


(NOTE: I wrote the first song; the second is “Cuckoo,” and the third is “Lady Isabel/Pretty Paulie,” both old English folk songs, adaptations as sung by Shelby Flint; the first lines of the latter adapted for Ferelden.)


What some might call music constantly filled Leona’s head. Some might call it music; others would deem it “insufferable nonsense.”

            What it was indeed was colorful little rhymes and songs and chants collected from Ferelden to Antiva to the Free Marches, some bawdy, some macabre, some in good taste, some in poor, and some completely idiotic. She hummed as she worked.

            Leona’s staff was a bladed thing, needing as much upkeep as her court sword, reserved for duels and emergencies. She found a chair by the armory window each week and set to work cleaning the blades, oiling the wood, and setting a whetstone to the edge, humming, her mind anywhere but the movements of troops, the loss of life, the plight outside the Keep. She never looked out the window, only focused on the breeze across her cheeks.

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Reasons to like Dragon Age 2:

It’s a bunch of bi as fuck friends starting revolutions for equality

Bonus: You can have your queer as fuck characters get into happy, committed relationships anD NO ONE WILL TRY AND DENY THEIR SEXUAL IDENTITY BASED ON WHO THEY’VE DECIDED TO BE WITH.

*tosses confetti*

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